What can the Wellbeing Company NI do for you?


Help your organisation to thrive by looking after your people through our energising seated massage treatments and motivational workshops.


“Create a happy healthy workforce and see your business flourish”

Workplace Massage


Our unique 15 minute therapeutic massage using pressure points is designed to energise, motivate and relax.

Book a one-off session or benefit from the cumulative effect of weekly/monthly/quarterly sessions.

Less stress equals less absenteeism and better staff retention.

Resilience in Body and Mind


Helps reduce stress and musculoskeletal injuries, increases productivity and resilience, and improves mental health.

Treat employees like they make a difference… and they will.

When the Pressure's On, Take Care of Your Workers


Our inspirational 1-hour workshops are designed to do just that.

In addition, our seated massage works on stress release points on head, neck, shoulders and back.


Why use the Wellbeing Company NI?

Following on the footsteps of global giants such as Google, American Express, Reebok and Apple, smart businesses in Northern Ireland are taking action to get the best from their staff.

In a single year in Northern Ireland, £149m was lost in the public sector budget due to sick leave; the two main reasons being stress and musculo-skeletal problems. (NI Audit Office, April 2013)

Here are two great reasons for using our services:


    1. A workplace massage is one of the best and most cost-effective health benefits available for you to look after your staff and reduce absenteeism by relieving stress.
    2. More days were lost last year in Northern Ireland due to back pain and stress than any other causes of absenteesim. It makes sound business sense to offer seated massage to your employees.

30.6 Million Days Lost Each Year

The greatest number of working days lost to sickness are due to musculoskeletal problems.

This figure represents nearly a quarter of all absences from work in the UK.

*Office of National Statistics, 2016

9.9 Million Working Days Lost...

because of work-related stress, depression and anxiety. This accounts for 43% of all working days lost to ill health, with an average 23 days lost per case.

*Health & Safety Executive

Ruth Black

Ruth has had a lifelong interest in promoting optimum health and wellbeing. In 2006 along with her daughter Jill, they founded  Busy Bees N.I. – a Corporate Massage Company. 

Busy Bees N.I. is now expanding and being relaunched as The Wellbeing Company N.I. 

Ruth is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, she has qualifications in Acupressure Massage, Swedish Massage and Indian Head massage. Her daughter Claire, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist has also been involved in the company.

Ruth’s earlier career as a front line Social Worker for children and families has given her valuable insight into the impact of stress on individuals and parents and the difficulty of balancing the competing demands of everyday life, parenting and work.

She has worked with a wide age range of adults and young people and has had extensive experience in delivering training and group work throughout her career.

Amanda Brady

Amanda Brady is a well-known, highly qualified and experienced teacher and practitioner of complementary therapies. She has managed, taught and practised for thirty-five years in Britain, Ireland, the Far East and Australia.

Amanda has valuable experience as a full-time innovative lecturer, responsible for designing and delivering the first Complementary Therapy courses in Further Education in Northern Ireland. She also contributed to the production of national occupational standards for Aromatherapy, Body Massage, Acupressure, Indian Head Massage and Stone Therapy and designed and taught the first Neals’ Yard Remedies’ Aromatherapy Diploma in Covent Garden, London, as a Principal Lecturer.

Amanda also served on the Get Well UK steering committee in Northern Ireland, established by the then Secretary of State. Her experience has provided her with a wide range of skills to deliver the most appropriate and effective complementary treatments for many of today’s chronic health problems .

Donna Holly

Donna Holly is qualified in several types of massage therapy and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). She worked in the Public Sector for 20 years, but her role as a full time carer led her to retrain in the field that she has always been passionate about; Holistic Therapy.

Donna was the recipient of The Jill Black Award 2014 at Belfast Metropolitan College. This is awarded for holistic awareness, entrepreneurial skills, inspirational characteristics and empathic qualities.

Working as a volunteer Complementary Therapist in Marie Curie Hospice has provided her with the opportunity to practice her skills in a very meaningful way.  The extensive training and experience she has gained here has contributed greatly to her Continuous Professional Development.

Along with her colleagues; Ruth and Amanda, Donna travelled to India in February 2016 for training in Ayurvedic massage.  She is currently studying a course in Compassionate Care.

The Wellbeing Company N.I. team will be working to help others to achieve balance in their lives and to take responsibility for their own health and by so doing reduce the damaging impact of stress which is such a common feature in today’s world.

“Self care is the best investment we can make.”

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With a happier and healthier workforce, The Wellbeing Company NI can help you to:

  • Increase employee engagement through staff feeling supported and valued
  • Save money – less stress equals less absenteeism and better staff retention. Recruitment costs are therefore reduced.
  • Create a positive workplace which boosts morale and productivity.
  • Demonstrate that you are tackling workplace stress and help you fulfill your Health & Safety obligations as an employer.
  • Be marked out as an employer who is innovative and progressive.
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Voluntary Sector

  • The Wellbeing Company NI have a particular interest in supporting the work undertaken by the voluntary and charitable sectors and we welcome your inquiries.