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Amanda, Donna and Ruth

7 Amazing Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing can:

  1. Reduce Cellulite
  2. Improve Immune Health
  3. Reduce Inflammation
  4. Increase Circulation
  5. Exfoliate and Detox the Skin
  6. Improve Organ Function
  7. Higher Energy Levels

Did you know?

5 minutes of skin brushing is equal to 20 minutes jogging, when it comes to skin tone.

How to dry brush your skin

You will need a long-handled natural bristle brush.


  • Before showering, brush from the soles of your feet towards your heart.
  • Do the back of your body in the same way.
  • On your upper back, brush downwards towards your heart.
  • Shower using hot and cold water for extra invigoration.
  • In winter, rub Sesame Oil onto your body.
  • In spring and summer, rub Extra Virgin Coconut Oil onto your body.