Our hands-on approach to reducing stress in the workplace – a new approach to staff wellbeing already highly successful in London and the US – is now available in Northern Ireland.

What are the benefits of Seated Accupressure Massage?

  • Physical, mental and emotional stress reduced.
  • Energy levels increased.
  • Back health maintained.
  • Headaches reduced.
  • Circulation improved.
  • Immune system boosted.
  • Mental alertness improved.

What is Seated Accupressure Massage?

It is a special, portable, massage sequence designed specifically for the workplace. It uses techniques derived from Shiatsu, concetrating on various pressure points and involves a comprehensive massage to the back, shoulders, head, arms and neck. No clothing is removed and no oil is used. Sessions last 15 minutes, making it an ideal way to relax and recharge during the working day. We bring a portable, ergonomic “on-site” massage chair and simply screen off a quiet corner, or set up in a small room, if available.