Ruth Black

Ruth has had a lifelong interest in promoting optimum health and wellbeing.  In 2006 along with her daughter Jill, they founded  Busy Bees N.I. – a Corporate Massage Company. 

Busy Bees N.I. is now expanding and being relaunched as The Wellbeing Company N.I. in association with colleagues Amanda Brady and Donna Holly.  This new venture will benefit from their combined skills and expertise and will provide an extended healthcare remit.

Ruth is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists,  she has qualifications in Acupressure Massage, Swedish Massage and Indian Head massage.  Her daughter Claire, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist has also been involved in the company.

Ruth’s earlier career as a front line Social Worker for children and families has given her valuable insight into the impact of stress on individuals and parents and the difficulty of balancing the competing demands of everyday life, parenting and work.  Ruth fully understands the importance of self care and quotes John Bowlby – “If we value our children we must cherish their parents.”

She has worked with a wide age range of adults and young people and has had extensive experience in delivering training and group work throughout her career.

The Wellbeing Company N.I. team will be working to help others to achieve balance in their lives and to take responsibility for their own health and by so doing reduce the damaging impact of stress which is such a common feature in today’s world.

“Self care is the best investment we can make.”