Wellbeing Programmes

Buzz with Energy

This fun and interactive workshop begins with the question “How would you like to jump out of bed every morning with enthusiasm for the day ahead, feeling refreshed, invigorated and full of health?”

User-friendly strategies for boosting health and energy.

These include:

  • Simple but invigorating Self-Shiatsu techniques
  • Energising acupressure points
  • Naturopathic secrets to assist a good night’s sleep
  • Cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT) to encourage peak performance
  • Relaxation exercise to relieve tension and promote mental clarity
  • Toolkit for each participant to take away (including recommended reading)

60 minutes

Resilience in Body & Mind

Let us help take the sting out of your stress.

User-friendly strategies for strengthening mental resilience, helping to manage stress and reducing negativity in your life.

This interactive workshop includes:

  • Action plan for the Top 5 conditions reported in the workplace
  • Mindfulness techniques to assist in resilience for mind and body
  • Cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT) to reduce anxiety and help manage stress
  • Relaxation session to help relieve muscular and mental tension
  • Toolkit for each participant to take away (including recommended reading)

60 minutes


Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and body together.

  • Top 10 sleep-tight tricks
  • Specific self-acupressure points to assist sleep
  • Best and worst foods for sleep
  • Use of aromatherapy oils to promote sleep
  • Cognitive behavioural techniques to promote a good night’s sleep

60 minutes

Deskercise – Tricks of the Trade

This is a practical and informative workshop designed to give you a practical toolkit to decrease the risk of repetitive strain injury and muscular skeletal problems associated with the workplace. This workshop could seriously improve your life… We aren’t joking!

We will teach you :

  • Stretching exercises to relax and release muscular tension helping those long periods hunched over a computer
  • Key pressure points to release aches and pains
  • Scientifically proven methods to relax the body and mind using progressive muscle relaxation techniques and visualisation
  • Deep breathing techniques to help rejuvenate, energise and calm the swirling mental overload we often feel when times are busy and stressful.

Help keep this practice up with our easy-to-follow guide, plus details of great websites and YouTube Ted Talks to keep you motivated..

60 minutes


  • One-hour workshop from £175.00
  • Half-day package from £300.00


Massage Story

  • One-to-one, peer-to-peer massage.
  • Learn the basics of massage through a fun and easy story format.
  • For all ages, from school children upwards.